96% Purity Paraformaldehyde PFA

ninety six% Purity Paraformaldehyde PFA


Physical appearance White powEPTor granule
Odor Pungent formaldehyde odor
Hazard Course four.one
CAS No. 30525-89-4
UN No. 2213
Synonyms Polyoxymethylene metaformaldehyde paraform formagene
Chemical Formula (CH2O) n
Solubility A bit soluble in chilly drinking water
Density 1.forty five g/ml @ 15C (59F)
pH 5% in h2o is neutral to litmus
% Volatiles by volume @ 21C (70F) No details discovered
Boiling Stage Little by little sublimes to formaldehyde gasoline
Melting Position 120 – 170C (248 – 338F)
Vapor Density (Air=1) one.03
Vapor Strain (mm Hg) 1.4 @ 25C (77F)
Evaporation Charge(BuAc=one) No info located.

Package deal: 25KG woven bag, 20MT/20′ FCL

Applications :

Agricultural chemicals :
Used in generation of pesticide, herbicide and bactericide like Glyphosate, Acetochlor, Butachlor, Machete, Bismerthiazol

Coatings :
Utilised in synthesis of :Oil paints, Auto paints

Medications :
For healthcare and hygienic disinfection

Resins :
Utilized for synthesis of :Glycol, Trimethylolpropane, N-Methylolacrylamide, Pentaerythritol, Urea-formaldehyde resin, Phenolic resin, Melamine resin, Ion exchange resin

Other Makes use of :
For paper producing
In creation of vitamin A
As terpenoid derivatives
DeveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ers
EPT resin softener
As substitute of formaldehyde in artificial resin
In plastics, rubber, leather-based, paper making processes
In dyes, pharmacy, farm chemical compounds
As an disinfection, fumigation and antisepsis help

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96% Purity Paraformaldehyde PFA

96% Purity Paraformaldehyde PFA