Wallpaper gravure printing introduction
The wall paper that sells at home at present, no matter what kind of design is produced mostly through gravure printing, gravure printing wall paper has chromatic even, administrative levels is distinct characteristic. Gravure printing adopts the technology of gravure engraving steel roller printing. The ink is hidden in the groove of the steel roller. Gravure printing wallpaper ink uniformity, strong sense of layer.

Gravure printing process wallpaper flow
1. Coating: apply PVC paste evenly to wood pulp paper. The thickness of PVC coating should be very uniform
2. Drying: use a oven more than 20 meters long to blow hot air on both sides of the paper to dry the slurry;
3. Printing: use gravure printing machine to print on the PVC coating of wood pulp paper;
4. Foaming: use a long oven to heat the coating on the wallpaper surface so that it softens and is convenient for embossing.
5. Embossing: use the rubber roller and the embossing roller to press the pattern on the coating;
6. Cooling: use the cooling roller to make the pressed flower shape cool and set to prevent rebound;
7. Edge cutting: cut off the excess white edges on both sides of the wallpaper to reach the standard width. Both sides should be neat and uniform in width.
8. Material storage: refers to the temporary storage of wallpaper on a long platform to facilitate inspection of defects on the wallpaper surface;
9. Rewinding: use the coreless rewinding machine to collect the finished wallpaper into 10 meters/roll, and then label the box.

Gravure printing wallpaper features
In order to ensure the smooth transfer of ink from the groove to the wall paper substrate, oil ink is the best choice, the groove of the plate roll should not be too deep, so gravure printing ink is relatively small. As a result of the use of oil ink, its high polymer organic solvents volatile, small amount of ink, high output, the speed of the process can reach more than 120 meters/min, can supply a large number of market, the current market on the largest number. The design is exquisite, the color is gorgeous, suits the base material to compare even wallpaper printing (like pure paper wall paper, PVC coating wall paper), this kind of wall paper can increase the stereo feeling after the process of embossing.
Flexographic printing wallpaper introduction

Flexible board printing also becomes letterpress printing, the wallpaper that USES flexographic printing has very big market share in Europe, this with flexographic printing paper USES waterborne ink, use inks less, environmental protection sex is good, administrative levels feeling is strong to have very big relation.
About flexographic printing

Flexographic printing using flexographic printing, through the transmission of ink through the screen ink roller printing. Flexographic printing, printing plate generally used thickness 1-5mm photosensitive resin plate. Ink is divided into three categories, respectively water-based ink, alcohol-soluble ink, UV ink. As flexographic printing ink in accordance with the green environment, has been widely used in food packaging printing, a promising future. Flexographic printing is a type of letterpress.

Flexible printing wallpaper process

The printing process of letterpress resin roller is adopted. The ink is transferred to the pattern of the embossed roller by the ink transfer roller, and the ink is transferred to the pattern on the wallpaper substrate by contacting with the wallpaper substrate.
Flexographic printing wallpaper features

Flexographic printing wallpapers are easy to use water-based ink, the amount of ink to print is relatively small, suitable for the base material more even wallpaper printing, this kind of wallpapers can also be processed through embossing technology to enhance the three-dimensional sense. Flexographic printing wallpaper with good environmental performance, in Europe is the mainstream wallpaper.
Flexo printing wallpaper deficiency

Due to the use of water-based ink solvents volatilize slowly, the production capacity is not as good as gravure wallpaper, the process speed is generally around 100 m/min. And flexographic resin roll material only a few foreign manufacturers supply, domestic plate production cost expensive, high production cost, has not been widely used.

Circular screen printing wallpaper introduction

The round screen printing wallpaper paper adopts the printing technology of nickel screen roller, and the ink is transferred to the inner part of the nickel screen roller through the feed pipe.
Round screen printing wallpaper advantages

Large amount of ink is the prominent advantage of circular screen printing wall paper, can use water-based ink or other water-based slurry, so it has many characteristics that other printing technology does not have.
First, wallpapers are expressive. Due to the large amount of ink, full pattern, when a certain amount of foaming agent is added into the ink, through high temperature oven foaming can directly form a three-dimensional pattern, generally do not use embossing technology to increase the three-dimensional effect.
Second, outstanding environmental advantages. First, the environmental protection characteristics of water-based ink; 2 it is after 220 ℃ high temperature foaming process, not only can put the printing ink solvent evaporation in the clean, but also can eliminate residual harmful substances in the base material, to achieve the ideal environmental protection.
Third, wallpaper class is high. In recent years, the foreign individual wallpaper manufacturer printing round net foaming wall paper is dealt with through embossing craft again, the effect is very good, it is the high-quality goods in wall paper.

Fourth, flexible process combination. Waterborne adhesive slurry can replace ink to print on the wall paper, and then scatter various kinds of particles of different materials to form the wallpaper of printing, foaming, granulation and other different technological combinations, more in line with the modern wallpaper novel and fashionable characteristics of the needs, to meet people’s constant pursuit of personality needs.
Fifthly, the substrate has strong adaptability. The appearance of new materials has promoted the progress of wallpaper in an endless way, and the surface flatness of non-woven paper and fiber paper is worse than that of pure paper, circular screen printing can best adapt to the surface uneven substrate printing in several production processes.
There is not enough round screen printing wallpaper

As a result of the use of water-based ink, large amount of ink, the most volatile solvents, plus foaming process complex, the lowest productivity, the process speed is generally around 50 m/min.