A great deal of friends like to decorate wall with wallpapers, because its building is simple, optional design is very very much, and the phenomenon that still appears craze not easily. But recently a warm-hearted netizen reported that the wallpapers of their home experienced just been set up and found that the picture was protruding, some locations also appeared breaks. It can be him to supervise function on the place apparently, building grasp is usually extremely solemn, how can such?

Later after the query found that in the picture, open the windowpane ventilation, in reality, this is not necessary. Because draught can make wallpapers loses water quickly, provide about reduce easily trend. Therefore what do you perform when you put up wallpapers? Allow xiaobian consider you to analyze the following analysis.

The shop sticks wallpaper to abstain from most namely rush to work. With additional metope adornment materials is different, when the store stays wallpaper, metope moistureproof processing wants to reach the placement specifically. End up being sure to cover the wall structure totally with foundation film before putting up wallpapers. If in order to end the project forward of period and blindly hurry function, the wall foundation did not really meet up with the building requirements, it is simple to proceed incorrect. Especially do not really dried out thoroughly, picture is usually easy to show up in the future trend, mold, drum and additional problems.

Remind everyone have to wait around for metope bottom to dry out completely so after the store sticks wallpapers again.

Shop insert procedure should also supervise employees, not blindly fast. And if encounter overcast rain weather, maybe atmosphere moisture is too big, still need realistic shutdown, had better select the building of relatively sun-drenched and dry weather additionally.

The incident that also can get to afore – mentioned netizen, wallpaper should nature shade is dry.

After sticking wallpaper, owner should not be anxious to seek success, cannot open door window to allow metope dry quickly, because such extremely easy, allow wallpaper lose water quickly and create reduce change, appear quickly baggy, bubble, craze to wait for a circumstance.

Appropriately, should close door window, wait for wallpaper nature shade to dry. Generally about 3 days. This can assure quality better!

So how to allow beloved wall paper use 10, 20 actually decades? Wish the house to sparkle on a regular basis gorgeous be like fresh, picture beauty is like at the start, weekday maintenance and maintenance are small not! Therefore how to bring on maintenance to wall paper? Make sure you do the pursuing:

House wallpapers maintenance

1, the foundation of metope when sticking wall structure paper above all is about very great, metope had better be brushed wall paint and not be blown be bored with kid pink only, because be bored with kid green long hind can drop lilac, wall structure paper nature may stick not.

2, just store the room that stays good wall paper, should close door windowpane, prohibit strong wind to whack wildly fierce hit, must permit wallpapers be in color dry condition. If did not perform this processing, the wallpaper that simply stays great worries to have warped edge or the circumstance that rise drum shows up. Next, want to maintain the place that stays wallpaper not to desire too damp!

3, after confirming wallpapers is completely dry and finalize the design, must help to make sure the screen in the house often is opened, assure its ventilated, once found out the trend that become warped must use professional picture adhesive to stick, press with the reserve next ok.

4, stay stick with stay good after 3 to 4 days, usable and small wet aircraft towel or cloth or sponge wipe wallpapers seam place spot to keep gently glue. Picture maintenance is normally a regular behavior, must be completed every day time. Should make use of feather duster to carry with wallpaper above everyday, avoid picture above end up being full of dirt;

5, wallpaper is paper after all, can wipe but not resistant to knock, such as found a slight or insignificant harm, the same color wallpaper can be used to make up for the color.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Concave and convex picture, every 3~6 weeks, functional Stone paper Wallpaper cleaner or smooth wool brush wipe off surface dirt.

7, all the normal cleaning of picture metope is vacuum cleaner regularly to metope, the vacuum suction can, daily found particular dirty mark to remove, metope can use dry out scrubbing drinking water level of resistance is the technique, after washing with dry out bath towel blot, for not water resistant metope may use dry out scrubbing, such as usable eraser to wipe or dip in with towel dry out washing fluid after graze, anyhow is to remove the dirt in period, or time will keep permanent marks.

8, daily breakthrough of particular dirty marks should be promptly removed, water resistant wallpapers such as the holy icon picture can be swabbed with water, dry out towel can be used after washing; For the drinking water resistant wall structure cloth such as ocean ji cloth wall structure towel to clean with rubber, or with a towel dropped in some cleaning liquid wring dried out clean. At regular instances to pay interest to prevent hard items influence, friction picture and wall structure towel. If some place juncture trend, want to provide subsidy in time, cannot enable its advancement.

9, stay the wall paper after good, after two to three years should notice juncture and turning stage, discover to have become warp-sided trend, should maintain immediately, can lengthen the use time of wallpaper.