Aluminum Chlorohydrate Powder  for Cosmestic


Inorganic macromolecular compound comma white powder comma its resolution demonstrates colorless or tawny transparent liquid and distinct gravity is 1 period33-1 period35g solml lpar20 ordm C rpar comma simply dissolve in h2o interval It aposs largely employed for consuming water treatment method or EPT water treatment method interval

Aluminum Chlorohydrate is a high high quality comma high performance coagXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.t that is generally utilized in equally municipal and EPT therapy procedures to take away particles and organic and natural matter time period The highly billed Al in combination with quite higher basicity of eighty three percnt lparOH solAl of two period49 rpar offers excellent performance in excess of a range of distinct water situations interval The merchandise gives higher overall performance at a lower dosage than more traditional coagXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ts comma with quite small impact on pH and consumption of alkali period

The highest top quality of ACH comma produced unEPTvery rigorous conditions comma can also be utilized as a uncooked material in the cosmetics market and in other industrial EPT interval

Essential feature and positive aspects colon
Highly concentrated
Maximum quality degree for cosmetic use

Software colon
one rpar City ingesting h2o treatment method
two rpar The city sewage and EPT wastewater therapy
three rpar Paper sector
four rpar Beauty Uncooked Materials

EPT protection and processing colon
Aluminum Chlorohydrate solution have a sligEPT corrosive comma non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c comma non-dangerous article comma Non-contraband comma While on the task wear goggles EPT sleeves rubber gloves time period

EPT and managing colon
Storage tanks and piping for Aluminum Chlorohydrate Answers must be built of materials recommended for corrosive merchandise interval FRP comma PVC comma EPTPE and solor rubber are the components of decision for piping and storage tanks interval Metering pumps and other gear that comes in get in touch with with concentrated remedies of Aluminum Chlorohydrate should also be built of acid resistant resources this sort of as PVC comma rubber comma Teflon comma ceramic and Hastolly C period No wetted components should include any metals these kinds of as carbon steel comma stainless steel comma brass or aluminum interval

Grade Water treatment method grade lparSolution rpar Cosmetics grade lparSolution rpar Drinking water therapy quality lparPowder rpar Cosmetics quality
lparPowder rpar
Merchandise USP-34 USP-34 USP-34 USP-34
Solubility Soluble in drinking water Soluble in drinking water Soluble in h2o Soluble in h2o
Al 2 O 3 gt 23 percnt 23-24 percnt gt 46 percnt forty six-48 percnt
Cl lt 9 period0 percnt seven period9-eight period4 percnt lt 18 period0 percnt fifteen period8-16 period8 percnt
Basicity seventy five-83 percnt 75-90 percnt seventy five-83 percnt 75-ninety percnt
Al colonCl 1 period9 colon1-2 period1 colon1 1 period9 colon1-two period1 colon1
Insoluble substance le0 period1 percnt le0 period01 percnt le0 period1 percnt le0 period01 percnt
SO 4 two- le250ppm le500ppm
Fe le100ppm le75ppm le200ppm le150ppm
Cr six in addition le1 period0ppm le1 period0ppm le2 period0ppm le2 period0ppm
As le1 period0ppm le1 period0ppm le2 period0ppm le2 period0ppm
Pb le10 period0ppm le5 period0ppm le20 period0ppm le5 period pm
Ni le1 period0ppm le1 period0ppm le2 period0ppm le2 period0ppm
Cd le1 period0ppm le1 period0ppm le2 period0ppm le2 period0ppm
Hg le0 period1ppm le0 period1ppm le0 period1ppm le0 period1ppm
pH-value fifteen percnt lparW solW rpar20 centigrade 3 period5-5 period0 4 period0-four period4 3 period5-five period0 4 period0-4 period4
Permeation price 15 percnt gt 90 percnt gt ninety percnt —– ——
Particle size —- —— a hundred percnt move 100mesh semi
ninety nine percnt move 200mesh
a hundred percnt move 200mesh
99 percnt pass 325mesh

Aluminum Chlorohydrate Powder  for Cosmestic

Aluminum Chlorohydrate Powder  for Cosmestic