When wallpaper of a lot of friends choose and buy, do not consider the collocation problem with the floor, bring about choose and buy to come back to discover color “bump” get some embarrassed! Today, let’s talk about how wallpaper and floors go together.

The floor board of light color had better use the wallpaper that light color fastens
A lot of families like to use white floor board now, hope to have halcyon household atmosphere. But individual proposal, do not use the floor of pure white, too too dazzling, suggest to use the more lively color such as grey white fastens however, give a person halcyon sense easily, also won’t cause the wallpaper color is heavy and the floor color is light “first heavy weight”.

Yellow floor appropriate matches adjacent color wallpaper, a lot of families like to use the floor with slight yellow. At this time, wallpaper USES the rule of “adjacent color”, can choose to be adjacent with yellow deeper yellow or relatively light yellow all right, such can build a very warm atmosphere easily. The color of whole family is more harmonious also.

Relatively brunet floor appeal and expression are very strong, individual character is distinctive. The floor itself that takes gules tone color gives a person intense sense, if the wallpaper that chooses at this time also is color is thicker, can appear the atmosphere is too heavy, not harmonious move. In order to let the vision in the home “bright” rise at this moment, should choose shallow ash or slant aureate light color, with red tea color floor can form unified feeling.

Deep tan floor should match cashmere color
Some householders are willing to match white wallpaper with dark brown floors, which can make the floor look dark. If wallpaper chooses the cashmere color that fastens for teal color, the color of wall paper and floor is more approachable, the space also can appear big. Simple style, fresh and elegant.

Color scheme for floor wallpaper
Floor color and wallpaper color should foil the color of furniture, and belong to decorate for a long time, below general circumstance, won’t often change, should consider the factor of many sided when because this wants to choose. Among them, the neutral color has always been the mainstream color, but if matched properly, dark, light color can achieve the ideal effect. In general, the following points should be noted:

The daylighting condition of the bedroom
The daylighting condition of the bedroom restricted the choice range of floor and wallpaper color. The room that daylighting is good can choose range and bigger, depth is ok. And floor is lower, the room that daylighting is insufficient should notice to choose brightness is higher, color is appropriate color and material, avoid to use darker material as far as possible.

Colour can affect the visual effect of the person, warm color attune is outspread color, cool color attune is contractive color. So, the floor of the room with small area wants to choose dark tonal cool color, or concise and lively wallpaper and floor, can make the person produces the feeling that the area expands so. If choose the warm color floor with dense colour and wallpaper, can make the space appears narrower, increased depressive feeling. Additional, on the choice of design and color, should incline to small grain or straight grain effect, avoid big and desultory figure.

Wallpaper selection and decoration style
The choice of wallpaper, not only should consider a few actual situation of the room, decorate a style to also must want to consider one of main factors. Different decorate a style, if the wallpaper choice is not appropriate, not only cannot have the effect that makes the finishing point, return the integral style that may make you originally unified is destroyed. The following simple introduction of three common decoration style of wallpaper collocation.

Pure natural material is qualitative reflect simple sense, pay attention to the feeling of simple nature, return uncut jade to true, reflect the vicissitudes of nature and ancient sense of feeling, also be a kind of more popular practice in current naturalism, for instance the rustic furniture that makes with antique wood, more close to earth and natural breath. In choosing wallpaper respect, can consider real wood feels stronger grain or the Chinese style wallpaper that accompanies big flower, color is given priority to with real wood color.

Fashion minimalism
Characteristic is concise and lively, practical and generous. This is because minimalism is a philosophy of life that is pervasive in popular culture today. Modern simple style emphasizes function first and form obeys function. The design of furniture as far as possible line is concise, give priority to with straight line. At this time, the wallpaper general consideration of plain color no flower series, straight lines, such as small patterns in a neat arrangement can also be selected.

European style
This style inherits the luxurious, dynamic and changeable visual effects in the baroque style, and also absorbs the aesthetic and rhythmic details processing elements in the rococo style, which are favored by the upper class. But concise Europe type decorates (common name is short Europe) suit Chinese more. Of brief Europe decorate a requirement to want to have the sign of a few Europe type to decorate to be ok inside only, can use color, detail foil atmosphere. Roman pillars, European doors. In the choice respect of wallpaper, need colour and lustre is full, brunet elegant design and color, do not pass such dress up too luxuriant, average family had better not choose, villa big house can consider.