Calcium Hypochlorite 70% for Water Treatment

Calcium Hypochlorite 65 percnt 70 percntGranular
CAS Registry Quantity colon 7778-fifty four-3
PIN lparUN solNA Variety lpars rpar rpar colon 2880
Class NO period colon five period1
RTECS Quantity lpars rpar colon NH3485000
Chemical Loved ones colon Salt of hypochlorous acid
Molecular Formula colon O-Cl-Ca-Cl-O
Structural Formula colon Ca lparClO rpar2

Programs colon
A rpar Bleaching of wood pulp comma cotton comma hemp comma silk comma cloth comma fiber and so on time period
B rpar Widely used in disinfection of drinking h2o comma lodge comma clinic comma swimming pool comma pond and bathtub room
C rpar Used in the anti-shrinkage treatment method of wool comma bleaching of textiles comma and used as chlorating agent of rubbers period

Things Specification
I . EPT Approach II . Calcium Method
Tremendous 1st Qualifier Tremendous Initial Qualifier
Efficient Chlorine(Cl) 70%min sixty seven%min sixty five%min 65%min 60%min fifty five%min
NaCl/EPT Chloride nine-fifteen% nine-fifteen% 9-15% —- —- —-
CaCl/Calcium Chloride —- —- 9%max ten%max 12%max
Moisture(H2O) 5-ten% 5-10% five-ten% 3%max three%max three%max
Annual Loss Price 10%max 10%max ten%max eight%max eight%max ten%max
Granularity(.055-2mm) 90%min 85%min eighty five%min ninety%min eighty five%min 85%min
Look: White or light-gray

Powder, granular or tablets

Further Data: EINECS NO.:231-908-seven

CAS No.: 7778-54-3

HS.Code: 2828100000


Molecular Fat: 142.98

Formulation: Ca(ClO)2

Calcium Hypochlorite 70% for Water Treatment

Calcium Hypochlorite 70% for Water Treatment