To emulsioni paint metope, besmear brush base film according to norms, but after construction still can appear the phenomenon of arch edge, layer, large area empty drum, what reason is this? Is it possible to construct such walls? How should it be constructed?

Traditional construction method
When it comes to the latex paint wall, if you want to do the wall wall wall decoration, the traditional way is to directly paint the latex paint on the surface of the penetration film or other base film, and then construction.

Correct construction method
Step 1
— test the firmness of walls —
Using wide transparent tape (8~10cm width), pull vertically after the latex paint wall is compacted, and observe the latex paint on the wide tape.

The adhesive tape is clean
How to deal with it: brush over the wall.

A little latex paint has come off the tape
Treatment: first brush the penetration of the wall foundation treasure, strengthen the latex paint layer and putty layer of the firmness. Once the infiltration wall substrate is dry, brush the wall substrate again.

Large pieces of latex paint
Treatment: remove the wall and do it again.

Step 2
— punch holes into the wall —
For the wall surface that can be constructed, the wall surface is perforated with a perforator. Break the film of emulsioni paint surface, make wall base film, wall base treasure to permeate easily.
Step 3
— brush wall base film —
In the wall that makes hole besmear brushs wall base film, have better solidification and protection to metope so.

Step 4
— standard painted wall base film wall —
Visibility is glossy on the side
Pour water over the wall without penetration or watermark
Thread. There is no scratch on the wall surface with your nails
Tested hardness at 50HD or above with a solenoid hardness tester
If the coating of wall base film is not standard, it will leave a great hidden danger to the construction. So before construction, we should also check the walls that have been painted, in addition to the above standards, also pay attention to whether the strong base film at the edge corner is painted in place. Only in this way can the construction be guaranteed.