CAS1314-13-2 Zinc Oxide ZnO

Item name: ZincOXiHu (West Lake) ninety nine% ,ninety nine.five%,
CAS No.: 1314-13-2
EINECS No.:215-222-5
HS Code: 281757100
Molecular Weight: eighty one.39
Molecular Formula: ZnO
Appearance: White powder, odorless, relative density 5.606, steady below standard temperature. Insoluble in drinking water and liquor, soluble inacid, alkali and amkonium resolution.
Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) quality: Direct Procedure Zinc OXiHu (West Lake), Calcined Zinc OXiHu (West Lake), Feed Quality Zinc OXiHu (West Lake), Pharmaceutic Zinc OXiHu (West Lake), nanometer Zinc OXiHu (West Lake), etc.

Characteristics of EPT quality ninety Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) powder
White powder, odourless, relative density five.606, secure beneath typical temperature. Insolubl in water and liquor, soluble in acid, alkaki and amkonium remedy.

Specification of EPT quality ninety Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) powder

Direct approach zinc oXiHu (West Lake) top quality satisfy stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd of GB/T3494-1996

Merchandise/Parameter StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd
Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) (in accordance with dry supplies) % ge ZnO ninety nine.five% ZnO 99% ZnO 98% ZnO 95% ZnO 90%
Direct oXiHu (West Lake) (PbO)% le .twelve .two one. 3. four.
Cadmium oXiHu (West Lake) (CdO) % le .02 .05
Cupric oXiHu (West Lake) (CuO) % le .006
Manganese (Mn) % le .0002
Metallic Zinc (in accordance with Zn) % EPT EPT
Muriatic Acid Insoluble Compound % le .03 .04 .five .7 two.
Loss On Ignition % le .four .6 .7 one. five.
Drinking water Soluble Substance % le .four .6 .7 1. three.
Sieve Residue (45um mesh ) % le .28 .32 .5 .five .5
Unstable % le .four .four .5 .5 .five

(We can’t listing all grade specification of Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) in listed here due to no ample place, pls feel free of charge to contact us if you are interested in our products or require other grade Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) .)

Application of EPT grade 99.7% Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) powder

1)Utilized as white dyestuff and used in printing amp dyeing , paper, match and medication sector.
two)Utilized in rubber sector as vulcanization activator, reinforecement agent and coloring agent of normal rubber, synthetic rubber and latex.
three)Utilized in the processing of zinc chrome yellow, zinc acetate, zinc carbonate, zinc chloride, and many others.
four)Used for making electron laser materials, flurescent powder, forage additives, catalysts, magnetic components

Package deal of EPT quality ninety nine.7% Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) powder
In polyethylene film bag with outer polypropylene woven bag, 25kg, 50kg, huge sack bag or as necessary by the customer.

Storage of EPT quality 99.7% Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) powder
Hold the product un-stacked in dry and shut rooms at standard temperature and air humidity. To attain greatest achievable results, we recommend storage unEPTthe situation said above and use in 12 months from shipping and delivery. Avoid breathing duct when dealing with, and clean with cleaning soap amp h2o in scenario of skin contact.

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CAS1314-13-2 Zinc Oxide ZnO

CAS1314-13-2 Zinc Oxide ZnO