Ceramic Grade Kaolin for Ceramic Glaze 1250 Mesh

Ceramic quality kaolin for ceramic glaze 1250 mesh

What is kaolin utilised for?

Clean Kaolin Clay IntroductionModified calcined aluminum silicate is produced of large quality coal measures Kaolinite.Soon after the extremely fantastic grinding , purification , calcined , grading , modified , scatters process from the processing of useful dditives,Committed to the formulation of theethylenpropylene rubber and cable materials , mainly employed to increase the electrical insulation products.

Specification of Kaolin

Kaolin is produced from kaolin ore, and then crush into distinct measurement in accordance to needs, which can be produced into block or as
good as 6000 mesh. The kaolin is divided into washed kaolin clay and calcinated kaolin clay in accordance to various creation
engineering and software.
The kaolin can be widely employed for creating ceramic merchandise, paper, refractory items, and other items.the dimension and
whiteness will be manufactured according to distinct software.

Merchandise Unit Index
SiO2 % 38-sixty
Al2O3 % 25-forty
Fe2O3 % .12-.48
CaO % .04-.sixteen
MgO % .24-.27
TiO2 % .28-.ninety eight
K2O % le0.01
Na2O % le0.01
Whiteness % eighty-93
LOI % 3.sixty one-10
Dimensions mesh 300-6000

3.Purity Calcined Kaolin Principal using :
1)In paper sector: Calcined kaolin are widely employed paper coatings and fillers
2)In rubber sector: mainly use as a Reinforcing agent and filler utilized ,rubber product can be enhanced Solvent resistance and abrasion resistance
three) In plastics and cable market: Plastics can properly increase the strength and modulus of resistance ,With no reducing the ducEPTty and influence power,Can also increase the overall performance of items.
4). In polyvinyl chloride(PVC)cable insulation outer: PVC plastic item can exponentially boost the volume resistivity And low-cost,In thePVC flooring productcanimprove performance and floor gloss
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Ceramic Grade Kaolin for Ceramic Glaze 1250 Mesh

Ceramic Grade Kaolin for Ceramic Glaze 1250 Mesh