Use wallpaper to decorate metope, style and design design are often chosen key. Small make up tells you a few kinds of clever wallpaper shop stick a way, use the grain of wallpaper itself, and the collocation that the cloth art, light waits in the home, build brand-new bedroom space effect.
The use of wallpaper does not depend on quantity how many, with only one or two adornment metope is becoming a kind of popular spread affix means.

How to spread stick: besmear is about to decorate wallpaper metope, make it and the ground color of wallpaper is unified, or choose the plain color wallpaper that is the same as color as the ground color. Affix the patterned wallpaper again, the decorative effect of the pattern is more prominent.

Stylist proposal: deserve to act the role of color as far as possible and the ground color of wallpaper is unified, make complete dimensional effect.
Popular classical
Ancient patterns, the use of popular color matching to re-interpretation, classic modeling reappearance of a new image.

How to spread: wallpaper and curtains continue the same pattern, can create outstanding visual effect.
Stylist proposal: pay attention to the application of traditional adornment detail in furniture and adorn article, for example tassel and button. Bright and vibrant colors add vitality to the accessories.

Exaggerated big flower
Exaggerated flower design, often can bring breathtaking adornment result.

How to spread: it is used for decoration of the theme wall of the living room. The other part of metope can use plain wallpaper or metope paint besmear, color chooses a kind of neuter color from wallpaper can.

Designer’s suggestion: the wallpaper will be finished and the rest will usually be left. The two squares can be cut out and framed so that the motif continues.