CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Liquid Soap Detergent

EPT CMC Detergent Grade for Liquid Soap Thickener

1.Merchandise description of sodium CMC Detergent Quality powder:
EPT Carboxymethy Cellulose, CMC, Cellulose EPT
Molecular Formular: [C6h7O2(OH)2CH2COONa]n
CAS No.: 9004-32-four
CMC is a single of the very best coagent of artificial detergent. It has an effectiveness of suspension, stopping secondary-precipitation, reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. moisture, balance, thickening, with peculiarities of quick-dissolve, uEPTzation-ease. It also has emulsifying and guarding colloid properties.
2.Specification of sodium CMC Detergent Quality powder:

CMC is employed in detergent industry commonly owing to its property of obtaining the dust particules with the rinsing water. In product detergents, it helps prevent the drying of surface area and CMC can maintain the drinking water (dampness) for a EPT time.

Merchandise quality Degree of Purity Diploma of substitution Viscosity (mPa middotS, Brookfield )
one% 2%
T150 fifty five%Min .6-.eighty five four hundred-2000
T160 fifty five%Min .6-.85 two hundred-five hundred
S150 eighty five%Min .six-.8 four hundred-2000
S160 eighty five%Min .6-.8 two hundred-500

Technological Requirements of Meals Grade CMC
one% Viscosity(mPa middots) five hundred-a thousand 1000-2000 2000-3000 3000-4000 4000-5000 5000-7000
Degree of Substitution .sixty-.90
Cl(%) le1.two
Loss on EPT(%) le10.
pH Worth 6.five-eight.5
As(%) le0.0002
Pb(%) le0.0002
Hefty Metals (As Pb) (%) le0.571
Fe(%) le0.02
Hg(%) le0.0001
Whole Plate Count(cfu/g) le500
Mould ampYeasts(cfu/g) le100
E.coli(cfu/g) EPT
Salmonella (cfu/g) EPT
Staphylococcus Aureus(cfu/g) EPT

three.Software of sodium CMC Detergent Quality powder:

CMC is broadly used in food sector, it enjoy the roles of style advancement, thickening and stabilization when utilised in a variety of varieties of dairy drinks and EPTonings. As an additive of molding, flavor enhancement, antifragmentation, h2o reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. and tenacity strengthening, CMC is also used in ice cream, bread, cake, biscuit, quick noodle and quickly paste meals.
The suggested addition is .3-one.%

Other software:

Textile Industry:

Due to h2o-solubility, film generating capacity and binding characteristic, CMC is getting employed in sizing
of yarns in warping. Also, CMC with substantial viscosity stages are utilized in printing fabrics either with
sodium alginate or replacing it.

Drilling Insdustry:

In oil business, CMC is currently being used jointly with barite bentonite, and clay in orEPTto get ready drilling muds, which will help managing suspension, and receiving out the sand in the drilling method.

Glue and Adhesive Industry:

By producing use of water solubility and binding houses, CMC is used as glue for wallpaper programs, and is also used in leather sector way too.

Paper Market:

CMC is utilised in paper business for binding the components, and for increasing the strengEPT of paper. Some purified and technical grades are also used for smoothing the surface of paper, which signifies far better printability and top quality.

Paint Market:

It is used in paints to control the circulation residence of paints.

Design Sector:

CMC can be employed with plaster and cement. The major aim is to avoid early freezing that way, it gets quite simple to function on plaster in a EPTer period of time.

4.Bundle and shipment of sodium CMC Detergent Quality powder:
Shipment:5-7 daEPTafter obtaining advance payment
1)Sealed up, shady and great, drying area
2)Shelf existence 24 months unEPTthe suitable situation

CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Liquid Soap Detergent

CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Liquid Soap Detergent