Competitive Price Industrial Pigment Carbon Black

Carbon black description:

1. All kind: N220 N234 N330 N339 N375 N539 N550 N660 N772
2. Cas no:1333-86-four
three. Spot of origin: china
four. StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd: GB 3778-2003
five. Form: black granule or powder
6.Procedure: soaked or dry procedure
seven.Utilization: Carbon Black is mainly utilized to different rubber goods such as tyres, rubber overshoes, cable, seal ring, EPT etc. Furthermore they can be used to these kinds of pertinent EPT as plastic manufacture.

Carbon black Utilization:

one. Sealants: car sealant, building sealant, ship sealant, container sealant, EPT sealant, water-proof sealant, scorching melt sealant, hollow glass sealant, pigment carbon black hollow glass butyl rubber, neutral anti-mildew silicone sealant, copper sealant, polyurethane sealant, neutral glass sealant, sealant. Strip, acid silicone sealant, butyl sealant.
2. Shade pulps: black artificial leather-based color pulp, printing coloration pulp, drinking water-dependent colour pulp, paper pulp, apple bag paper, PVC shade pulp, PU coloration pulp, oil color pulp.
three. Shade masterbatches: pigmEPTd carbon black (for EVA foaming of shoe components), pigmEPTd carbon black halogen-free of charge cable materials (for plastic foaming), pigmEPTd carbon black, pigmEPTd carbon black blown movie, pigmEPTd carbon black plastic coloration masterbatch, pigmEPTd carbon black PVC cable materials, pigmEPTd carbon black PVC rubber particle, pigmEPTd carbon black polyester masterbatch, pigmEPTd carbon black large gloss blue color masterbatch, pigmEPTd carbon black fiber shade masterbatch, pigmEPTd carbon black Quick fibre coloration masterbatch
, calendering movie of pigmEPTd carbon black, PE cable content of pigmEPTd carbon black.

four. Inks: large-pigment carbon black EPT ink, higher-pigment carbon black ink ink, pigment carbon black plastic bag ink, pigment carbon black plastic ink, pigment carbon black plastic composite ink, pigment carbon black plastic gravure ink, pigment carbon black gravure ink, pigment carbon black silk printing ink.
5. Coatings: Pigment Carbon Black Metal Coatings, Pigment Carbon Black Plastic Coatings, Pigment Carbon Black Automotive Coatings, Pigment Carbon Black Maritime Coatings.
6. Paints: dye carbon black motorbike paint, dye carbon black large temperature resistant paint, dye carbon black epoxy ground paint, dye carbon black anticorrosive paint, dye carbon black insulating paint, dye carbon black warmth resistant paint, dye carbon black alkyd paint, dye carbon black weatherproof paint, etc.

Carbon black Specification:

Product N220 N330 N550 N660
Iodine Absorption Variety, g/kg 121 +/-5 82 +/-5 43 +/-4 36 +/-four
DBP Absorption Quantity, 10-5m3/Kg 114 +/-five 102 +/-5 121 +/-5 ninety +/-5
DBP Absorption Amount of Compressed Sample, ten-5m3/Kg 93~107 eighty one~ninety five eighty one~95 68~eighty two
CTAB Surface area Location, 103m2/Kg 106~116 seventy nine~87 38~forty six 31~39
Nitrogen Floor Area, 103m2/Kg 114~124 78~88 38~forty six 30~40
Tint Power 110~120 ninety eight~108
Heating Reduction, % le 3. 2.five two.five 1.5
Ash, % le .five .five .5 .five
Tensile Strength Map, MPa ge -.eight -1.five -three.five -3.5
Extension, % ge +10 -ten -ten +10
Map Modulus at 300%, MPa -two.five +/-1.three +/-one.three -one.7 +/-1.three -3.five +/-1.3

Carbon black EPT:

25kgs web bag,or in accordance to customer’s detailed ask for.

Competitive Price Industrial Pigment Carbon Black

Competitive Price Industrial Pigment Carbon Black