Herbicide Glyphosate 41% weedicide phytocide roundup in agriculture

EPT Detail:
250 ml bottle, five hundred ml bottle, 1000ml bottle, 5L drum, 20L drum, 200L drum,1000L IBC Container
10L barrel, 25kg barrel or 200L drum or EPT deals
Loading of the item 20GP loading 12600L x 1L/bottle, or 16000L in 200L drum/ 20L drum

Use of glyphosate:
Manage of once-a-year and perennial grasses and wide-leaved weeds, pre-harvest, in cereals, peas, beans,
oilseed rape, flax, mustard, orchards, pasture, forestry and EPT weed control.

Specification of glyphosate:
ninety five% Tech, 480g/L (IPA) SL, sixty eight%SG

Specification of glyphosate (IPA) 480g/L SL

Merchandise STHangZhouRD
Appearance LigEPT yellow liquid
Glyphosate ge480.
PH 4.~seven.
Density, g/ml one.fifteen~1.18

Equal formulation, glyphosate 360g/L SL, glyphosate 410g/L SL, glyphosate 480 g/L SL
Other formulation, glyphosate 620g/L SL, glyphosate seventy four.seven% WDG, glyphosate seventy eight% SG

Non-selective, no residual sterilant herbicides, eEPTly for perennial roots weeds,
commonly used in rubber, orchards, mulberry, tea and suXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. cane.

Method of action:
In transmitting spectrum absorption sterilant herbicides.
The major inhibition of enol acetone in EPT shikimic phosphate synthetase,
thus inhibiting shikimic factor to the amino acid phenylalanine,
cruel and the transformation of tryptophan to distract protein synthesis, cause EPT dying.

Software of glyphosate:
Originally utilized in rubber EPTation thatch and some other weeds, can make the rubber
tree tapping a yr early, the previous rubber manufacturing.
Presently progressively advertise resourceful, orchards, mulberry subject, tea EPTations, rice
and wheat, rice and rapeseed crop rotation, etc.
Numerous weeds on the sensitive diploma of glyphosate is various, so dose is diverse also.
These kinds of as barnyard grass, inexperienced bristlegrass, see mai niang, eleusine indica, digitaria, cleavers,
such as yearly weed, dose in successful components of six ~ ten.five g/ 100 m.
Of semen EPTaginis, little fleabane energetic elements, this sort of as duck EPTar grass dose with
meter is 11.4 ~ 15 g / one hundred m.
On imperata cylindrica and bony grass, reed is eighteen ~ thirty g / 100 m, EPTly 3 ~ 4.five kg of h2o,
to weed stem leaf directional spray evenly.

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Herbicide Glyphosate 41% weedicide phytocide roundup in agriculture

Herbicide Glyphosate 41% weedicide phytocide roundup in agriculture