High Quality 50% Compressed Acetylene Carbon Black for Lead Acid Battery

Factory Cost Carbon Black N220 N330 for Tyre/Conveyer Belt/Ink

1.Carbon Black Straightforward Introduction

Carbon black is an amorphous carbon. Light, free and very fine black powEPTwith quite large specific surface area region ranging from ten-3000m2/g is the product of incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of natural matter (all-natural gas, large oil, gasoline oil, etc.) unEPTthe issue of inadequate air. Particular gravity one.eight-two.one made of all-natural gas is named quotgas black quot, made of oil is referred to as quotlamp black quot, made of acetylene is referred to as quotacetylene black quot. In addition, there are quottrough black quot, quotfurnace black quot. In accordance to the qualities of carbon black, there are quotreinforced carbon black quot, quotconductive carbon black quot, quotwear-resisting carbon black quot and so on. Can be employed as a black dye, for the manufacture of EPT ink, ink, paint, and many others., also used as a reinforcing agent for rubber.

2.Carbon Black Homes

1. good rubber tensile homes
two. excellent tear resistance,
3. excellent abrasion resistance
four. excellent dispersivity

three.Carbon Black Details

one. All type: N220 N234 N330 N339 N375 N539 N550 N660 N772
2. Cas no:1333-86-four
3. Spot of origin: china
four. StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd: GB 3778-2003
5. Form: black granule or powder
6.Process: soaked or dry approach

4.Carbon Black Use

Mostly utilised in rubber, paint, ink, nickel metallic hydride battery anode and other EPT.

N220 is suitable for each sort of rubber, the resistance to dress in is increased than N330 10%-twenty%, it helps make colloidal particle rubber large EPTitudinal toughness and the anti- peel power, and has the certain electrical conductivity. It has mainly been employed in the carrying tyre, tread rubber, and rubber merchandise with high toughness essential, radial tire,bias tire and large use-resisting.

N330 can reinforce the powerful overall performance and endow with colloidal particle much better strongly extending functionality, anti- rends performance, larger resistance to use and elasticity. It is mostly employed in the tread rubber, the curtain cloth rubber, radial tire,bias tire,sidewall rubber and other higher good quality rubber items.

N550 is appropriate for the all-natural rubber and every single kind of artificial rubber. It is simple to disperse and can endow with high endurance ability, pressing out with high pace, the form of meatus inflates a bit, pressing out sleek floor. has high temperature overall performance and heat conduction overall performance reinforce sturdy performance, elasticity and and straightforward to be recovered. It is primarily utilized in the tire cord rubber, sidewall tyre, radial tire,bias tire,the tire tube and rolling product.

five.Carbon Black Information Sheet






Iodine Absorption Variety, g/kg

121 +/-five

eighty two +/-5

43 +/-4

36 +/-4

DBP Absorption Amount, 10-5m3/Kg

114 +/-five

102 +/-5

121 +/-five

90 +/-five

DBP Absorption Amount of Compressed Sample, ten-5m3/Kg


eighty one~ninety five

eighty one~ninety five


CTAB Floor Region, 103m2/Kg


seventy nine~87



Nitrogen Surface Area, 103m2/Kg



38~forty six


Tint Toughness

a hundred and ten~120

ninety eight~108

Heating Loss, % le





Ash, % le





Tensile Toughness Map, MPa ge





Extension, % ge





Map Modulus at 300%, MPa

-two.5 +/-1.3

-one.7 +/-one.3

-1.seven +/-1.3

-three.five +/-one.three

six.Carbon Black EPT

1,The gentle deals, which were created of PP substance, generally we supply 500Kg for every pack, 800Kg for each pack, and 1000Kg for every pack.
2,The deals of 25Kg, which were produced of PP materials or Kraft papers, could be transported in bulk, we also could transport a bracket which contained 1000Kg with protective movies protected, which we referred to as tons coating transportation.
3, Unique specs on the deal are appropriate.

seven. Carbon Black Storage

Preserve the merchandise un-stacked in dry and closed rooms at typical temperature and air humidity. To accomplish very best attainable final results, we advise storage unEPTthe situation mentioned above and use inside of 12 months from shipping and delivery. Avoid respiration duct when handling, and wash with cleaning soap amp h2o in situation of skin get in touch with.

High Quality 50% Compressed Acetylene Carbon Black for Lead Acid Battery

High Quality 50% Compressed Acetylene Carbon Black for Lead Acid Battery