The friend that likes white floor board, the proposal USES grey white floor board. A lot of families like to use white floor board now, hope to have halcyon household atmosphere. The proposal USES grey white fastens wait for relatively lively color, give a person easily halcyon sense, also won’t cause wall color to weigh the floor color light “first heavy foot is light”.

Yellow floor appropriate matchs adjacent color wall, some families like to use the floor with slight yellow, wall applies “adjacent color” law, can choose the dark yellow that is adjacent with yellow or light yellow, such can build a very warm atmosphere.

Red tea color floor appropriate matchs ivory color, the appeal of deep tonal floor and expressive force are very strong, individual character is distinctive, if the floor itself color that takes gules tone gives a person intense sense, if wallpaper also USES color thick, can appear not harmonious move. But the choice contains ivory color or shallow ash, can form unified feeling with red tea floor.

Deep tea floor appropriate matchs color of cashmere, a few householder are willing to mix white wall and deep tea floor collocation, this meeting makes the floor appears very dark. If wall chooses to be the cashmere color that fastens with teal color, the color of wall and floor is more approachable, the space also can appear big. Simple style, fresh and elegant.

Colour can affect the visual effect of the person, warm color attune is outspread color, cool color attune is contractive color. So, the ground of the room with small area wants to choose dark tonal cool color, or concise and lively floor, make the person produces the feeling of area enlargement. If choose the warm color floor with dense colour to be able to make the space appears narrower, increased depressive feeling. Additional, on the choice of design and color, should incline to small grain or straight grain effect, avoid big and desultory figure.

How does the wallpaper go with the sofa?

Proposal 1: space is the leading role

Ask yourself, how do you want to feel? Consider space first, choose furniture again. With dimensional wallpaper color is main tonal, adorn article is ornament only. Whole group sofa and wall are harmonious colour, sitting room is big, the colour of whole group sofa can be bold. Want to have focal point, jump out with a single chair of special modelling and colour.

Proposal 2: take furniture as leading role

If take furniture as protagonist, the space is the same color department. Red wallpaper can restore ancient ways primitive color leather sofa, green wallpaper suits to have the British leather sofa that buckle, violet wallpaper suits to be full white leather sofa. On the match color of furniture, tea table or side table USES the wood of comparative or metal to build glass material to pledge, the sofa of large area has weight feeling, light color sofa matchs brunet hold pillow, vice versa, contrast color or close color all can, the key depends on do not exceed 3 kinds of colour lest produce mixed and disorderly feeling.

Proposal 3: coordinate similar colorsThe collocation of onefold color fastness and close color fastness has harmonious sense, but the space is easy flow at drab and lifeless. For example wallpaper is light blue, sofa can choose navy blue, hold pillow to choose comparative orange or conflict red or multicolor design. Better try a green arbor potted. Earth color matching never fails because it comes from nature. In the home is design and color sofa, the color that takes one color to be wallpaper from cloth can.

Proposal 4: pulse contrasting colors

Contrast color provides pulsating feeling, red wallpaper is green sofa, emphasized the shape of sofa, very jump but look greasy easily, general proposal cannot multi-purpose, can use in key area only. The warm color sofa of orange, red, yellow, with the blue, green, violet colorific wallpaper of contrast, mutual collocation rises, besides bright, still can produce rhythm feeling. Same group of blue sofa, in white wall or the setting of orange wall or yellow wall produces different feeling. Blue and yellow can be combined with a medium green color. Wallpaper and sofa are the collocation of same color department or close color, can choose the pillow of comparative color to jump colour.

How does the wallpaper go with the curtains?

The wallpaper of different style deserves to go up the curtain that chooses meticulously, often can bring a dreamy like surprise to the life. Open a door, because the location advantage of wallpaper curtain is always the most conspicuous, and the choice of wallpaper and curtain more can show master grade and pursuit adequately, so the choose of wall paper curtain is particularly important. So how to let wallpaper and curtain perfect collocation, let our bedroom more sweet romance, have character?

The paper and the curtain that go up basically pay attention to color and form two respects.

Color part: the color of curtain and wallpaper must complement each other above all. If wallpaper chooses plain color, so curtain can be a bit gaudy, for example: can choose the design of hollow out or stereo embroider, such can move the flexibility of whole room rise.

Next, curtain and wall paper should be matched with whole household environment photograph photograph, this already became the law of default of curtain wall paper of choose and buy. For instance, brown wallpaper, brown velvet qualitative curtain, match again with the floor that fastens with same color and desk and chair, classic western style decorates a style, can make make whole room exalted and elegant breath is revealed everywhere.

Form part: the style of the curtain wants the style of the wallpaper to match roughly, if wallpaper is American country style, the curtain cannot choose Chinese style style. If wallpaper chooses the design that contains small decorative pattern (for example pastoral wind, European court wind), so when choosing curtain again, the gauze shade that does not recommend to take small broken decorative pattern and cloth shade. Otherwise the room will not appear generous, stable. It is best to choose plain or slightly vertical stripe curtain.

The perfect collocation of wallpaper and curtain, want to consider from color and style these two respects, both give consideration to, we ability increase colour for our household life, increase romance, increase savour.

Tips for matching wallpaper curtains:
The curtain collocation of bright yellow wallpaper and white, can alleviate the sharp sense of bright yellow, draw the outline of the picture that gives warmth romance inadvertently.

Light blue wallpaper and light white curtain are tie-in, each instant is faintly revealing “xiaozi” the life emotional appeal of flavour.

The curtain collocation of blue wallpaper and coffee color, deserve to go up slanting white sofa again, the household of whole Mediterranean type style is complete receive eye ground.

Blue stripe form wallpaper deserves to go up cream-colored curtain, the clear wind of simple but elegant comes on the face.

The wallpaper of shallow red can match the curtain of deep red, such whole room can be more stereo a few, can make the room more have administrative levels feeling inadvertently.

The wallpaper of deep red still can match the curtain of that kind of dark coffee color, the characteristic of nobility, atmosphere reveals undoubtedly.