If reinforced concrete is the bones of the house, then soft decoration is the soul of the house.

As “light is decorated, heavy adornment” domestic outfit idea is in vogue, more and more household stylist, home owner pays attention to soft outfit collocation. Pursue the home environment that has style, grade, have artistic breath even.

So soft decoration is a shortcut? Choose wallpaper, any style you want, you can easily achieve!

American country

American country attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life. It abandons triviality and luxury. It has both the graceful shape of classicism and the complete function of neoclassicism.

The furniture colour of this kind of style is given priority to with natural tonal, bedroom tonal whole is with green, earthy brown is common, collect the outstanding element in different style confluence, no matter be the furniture of massiness, still be the deserve to act the role of vicissitudes of life, in showing people the comfortable that lives and freedom.

Wallpaper selection elements: natural, color, paper.

Modern simple style

The characteristic of contemporary contracted style is line contracted and fluent, trendy, concise, natural wait, common design is formed by circle, box, vertical bar, curve, asymmetry line, geometrical graph or abstract design.

The wallpaper of contracted style represented nowadays young people to the pursuit of delicate household life, give a person with not stick to one pattern, free and easy avant-garde sense.

Neoclassical style

Neoclassical style is the perfect combination of classical and modern. Under the standard of traditional aesthetics, modern materials and techniques are used to deduce the classical essence of traditional culture. It not only has the elegant and dignified temperament, but also has the obvious characteristics of The Times!

Wallpaper selection elements: noble, elegant, comfortable.

New Chinese style

The interpretation of Chinese traditional style and culture under the current background. Will complex and trival adornment is concise become more implicative fine elegant, deserve to the soft sex adornment of gentle wan for the tough line, infuse classic beauty concise and practical modern design.

The new Chinese style is not pure element piling up, but through the understanding of traditional culture, combining modern elements with traditional elements, creating things with traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people.

Wallpaper selection elements: nostalgic, delicate, Chinese elements.

European pastoral style

The pastoral style of European style is exquisite and graceful lines and soft colors. The sofa with chic modelling, the cloth art of small broken flower, fireplace, wall lamp is acted the role of, build a kind of sweet and comfortable hard, do not break luxuriant sense again.

European pastoral style is also divided into British pastoral, French pastoral; “Natural, comfortable, environmental protection, qing xin” of French pastoral amorous feelings, a lot of use the various cloth art of broken flower design and hang act the role of, with the outline of elegant French furniture and elegant droplight complement each other. Common pattern has modelling special brick stone, square plaid, flowers and plants design, vertical stripe to wait.

British pastoral style: the design of the heart of the natural sense of return to give people a strong breath. Mostly with numerous flowers patterns, broken flowers, stripes, Scottish patterns – based.

Mediterranean style

The free and unrestrained nature of the Mediterranean people requires spacious design and visually penetrating color in their living environment.

Using the arch, hollow wall to create visual penetration, and lets the space has the effect of extension, the coast of blue and white sand beach in Spain, Greece’s white village, south Italy flowing of sunflower in the sunshine of the golden, southern French lavender wafts of violet aromas, all elements are shaping the dream of the Mediterranean.

Wallpaper selection elements: lively, romantic, light color system.

European classical style

Elegant ancient style, exquisite medieval style, rich Renaissance style, romantic baroque style; Delicate rococo style! The crystal lamp that get rid of appears is full of brilliance 4 shoot, delicate carve force of uncanny, the design that heavy and complicated is acted the role ofing is very beautiful, luxuriant wallpaper is natural, without not without explanation costly, delicate! European-style classics, unafraid of the transformation of time and space, are fascinating.

Wallpaper selection elements: delicate, gorgeous, European elements.

Refined style

Elegant attention is the adornment style that has extremely strong culture grade, it broke modernistic modelling form and adornment gimmick, pay attention to the collocation of linear form and color coordination, oppose simplification; Be stereotyped, pursue harmonious color matching, oppose strong color contrast and heavy metal taste! Elegant creed pays attention to grade, stress comfortable. Highlight more the pursuit that gives master to quality of life.

Wallpaper selection elements: fashionable, delicate, comfortable.

When many people buy a house, they go everywhere to choose their favorite style. Sometimes, even between a favorite style and a better building. Actually, choose wallpaper, you need not have any to struggle at all, want what style, can achieve easily! You can also change your new home with one click, which is much easier than renovating and redecorating.