Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium HydroXiHu (West Lake) (brucite powder)


Product Title Normal Magnesium HydroXiHu (West Lake)
Synonym Ground Brucite
Product MH-ten
Physical appearance White or Off-White Powder
Magnesium HydroXiHu (West Lake), Mg(OH)two % ge87
Magnesium OXiHu (West Lake) (MgO) % ge60
Hydrochloric acid insoluble compound % le2.
Calcium oXiHu (West Lake) (CaO) % le3.
Iron oXiHu (West Lake) (FetwoOthree) % le1.
HtwoO % le0.8
Whiteness % ge86
Particle Dimension Dfifty mum 7.~ten.
Decline On Ignition % thirty plusmn1

Remark: We can make Area Therapy in accordance to customer requirements.

2.Software Field

(one. Extensively utilised for flame-retardant rubber and plastic products that have to be lower halogen, non-halogen, lower-cigarette smoking. Also taxi be utilized in thermoplastic and elastomers this kind of as EVA, EPDM, PVC, PE, PP resins and so on.

(two.In the aspect of environmental safety, it can used as Flue gasoline desulfurization agent,waste drinking water remedy agent with excellent absorption, bleaching, antibacterial result, and no secondary air pollution.

(3.Magnesium hydroXiHu (West Lake) Also can be as raw substance of refractory insulation and other magnesium salt goods.Magnesium hydroXiHu (West Lake) can also be employed in ceramics, magnetic and other sector.

(four.also utilised as for FR aluminum composite panel and Carpet Adhesive EPTpe generation.

EPT: White Plastic Woven Bag with PE inner bag,and net weigEPT for each bag is 20kg or 25kg.
Store: storing in dry, ventilated and moistureproof situations.

four.Basic safety AND Handling Information:

FOR Particular Basic safety,TOXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Metropolis AND Dealing with Info,Make sure you REFER TO Substance Basic safety DATASHEET ON THIS Merchandise.

Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium Hydroxide