Magnesiun Hydroxide Fire Retardants Powder

EPT-Retarded Magnesium HydroXiHu (West Lake) (Created in ore processing approach)

English Identify: Magnesium hydroXiHu (West Lake)

Molecular System: Mg(OH)2

Molecular Excess weight: fifty eight.32

Manufacturer No.
ASMH325 ASMH2500 ASMH5000 ASMHone
Particle Size D50 seven-ten 4-seven two-four 1.5-2.5
Density g/cm3 two.3 2.three 2.three 2.3
Whiteness(R45T%) ge 80 80 80 ninety nine
Oil absorption(ml/100g) fifty fifty five 55 55
pH value 9~10 9~ten 9~10 9~10
Decomposition Temperature 340 340 340 340
Mg(OH)2 Content(%) ge 88 88 88 99
MgO ge sixty.five 60.5 sixty.5 sixty five.5
Fe2O3 le0.five le0.five le0.5 le0.5
SiO2 le3 le3 le3 le3


The major constituent of this item (flame retardant) is the magnesium hydroXiHu (West Lake), which is a kind of new-sort stuff flam retardant and is universally used in polymer resources of rubber, chemical sector, building content, plastic (polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC and EPDM, and so on.), electron, unsaturated polyester, painting and dope, eEPTly in the ventiduct coating cloth for mining, PVC unitary-core express belt, flame retardance aluminum-plastic plate, flame retardance tarpaulin, PVE wire and cable content, cable sheath for mining, etc., which has the purpose of smoke-abatement and static resistance with the very good influence of flame retardant, can replace the aluminum hydroXiHu (West Lake)

Finely selected nature ores, then smash and process

EPT: 25G/piece, plastic woven bag lined with polyethylene plastic bag. (Packed at the ask for of clientele) ,Gross Weight: 25.25KG Net Excess weight: 25KG

Magnesiun Hydroxide Fire Retardants Powder

Magnesiun Hydroxide Fire Retardants Powder