Old house is renovated stick wall paper, these matters should notice, to wall paper, if the material that spread sticks is different, the processing method that should adopt is different also. If it is new house metope shop pasted wall paper, base processing is the simplest. Its program and foundation metope construction are same, just do not brush lacquer just, brush interface agent normally in plaster layer namely, next batch scratches 2-3 times putty can. Then you can carry on other bricklayers, oilmen and so on to decorate, wait until the completion of the wall to spread wallpaper.

First, old room paint needs to be tested first
If original metope is brushed paint, want to undertake to metope recondition, whether spread wall paper to go up directly? If it’s an old wall, some judgment needs to be made. If the original paint is tight and solid and does not fall off, you can brush the base film directly on it (stick the necessary material of wallpaper, can strengthen the wall, increase the adhesion of wallpaper, can protect the wall when removing), and directly lay the wall paper. However, if the original paint is unstable, the original substrate needs to be removed.

How do you determine if you need to remove the original paint? The owner can inspect the paint by himself. Wet towel with a dip in water (not to drop it is advisable to soak the floor), in some way it fixed on the wall, the second day in the morning to see, if there no peeling off phenomenon, metope is that metope processing base is very good, is still very closely, brush basement membrane, can be directly above the shop is stuck any wallpaper.

If bubbling and peeling occurs on the wall, the base of the wall is unstable. If the wall paper is laid directly at this time, the wall adhesion is relatively low and the wall paper is easy to fall off. If all the walls are unstable, it is necessary to remove all the walls. After shoveling to the plastering layer, brush the interface agent again.

If only partial wall base is unstable, just remove part of the base and brush the interface agent batch scraping putty. After finishing this part of the procedure, will whole metope even use wall paper knife to draw the form of network, say commonly, the smaller grid with deeper Nick more dense better. Because the original base is relatively smooth and the adhesion is relatively poor, this method can make the front and rear two kinds of putty connect up, ensure the stability of the base, reduce the possibility of wallpaper cracking.

Old wall paper drum should be removed
If the original wall is pasted with wallpaper how to deal with it? Can I put new wallpaper on the original wallpaper directly? It also must be treated separately according to the situation, in general, because the original base is close-grained, not necessarily can lead to the phenomenon such as wallpaper off after the shop is stuck, directly in the original wallpaper on paper there is a big risk, need the original wallpaper to root out entirely, and USES the above said method of detection of coating base inspection on basal, look to whether need to further eliminate putty layer, the following work and agree with the old room paint need to test.

Of course, there are exceptions. If the original wallpaper is of special purity, such as high purity wood pulp wallpaper, wet towel bubble water on the wallpaper, after more than 10 minutes, see if there is empty drum phenomenon. If there is still no empty drum, you can put any wallpaper on it. If there is an empty drum, the wall paper needs to be completely removed, and the next step of the base inspection and processing work.

3. Pay attention to crack prevention on gypsum base
If the base of original metope is plasterboard, need to pay attention to undertake moistureproof treatment.

The first step is to apply anti-rust paint to all self-tapping screws to prevent rust from corroding the wallpaper. Subsequently, the joint of the gypsum board is filled with white latex and gypsum powder to prevent gypsum shrinkage cracks. Gypsum powder is used here instead of putty, because gypsum powder and gypsum belong to the same material, and the expansion and contraction coefficient are the same. If putty is used, the shrinkage coefficient is different, which will also lead to cracking.

To make sure no cracks appear, a bandage is applied to the joint after the plaster is dry. Generally speaking, there are dacron cloth, kraft paper and mesh gauze. Because of the large gap and weak adhesion of mesh gauze, it is seldom used at present. After pasting cloth treatment, carry on grinding batch to scratch putty work again, next normal shop pasted wallpaper.

4.Wooden base beware of deformation
If you need to put wallpaper on the wooden board, you first need to paint the wood with a thin layer of paint to prevent the wood from getting wet and deforming. Where there is a gap, the seam is filled with atomic ash rather than gypsum powder. Because of the high hardness and stability of putty, there is no shrinkage and expansion problem.

Next wants to do is brush putty son, brush on thin layer, want to be like paper same thin, rise to have the effect of a place that woodiness board is not smooth actually. Putty layer also needs to be able to adhere to wooden board material, not strong words easy to cause the wall paper to fall off. After polishing with sandpaper, apply a thin coat of paint (either solvent type or water-based paint) to prevent the wood from deforming and causing problems with the wallpaper. After finishing these tasks, the normal wallpaper shop can be carried out.

5. The base shall meet 7 requirements
No matter what the base material is, if you want to apply wallpaper, you generally need to meet the following 7 criteria:

1. Smooth. Can use a ruler of 2 meters long, or illuminate metope with flashlight, go looking along the light, if have no apparent uneven can.
2. Have certain bearing capacity. Here you can use your fingernails to scratch putty, if not down; Or use the adhesive to paste on the layer of putty, if the tape does not scrape down putty, then the putty has a certain bearing capacity, is qualified.
3. Reasonable water absorption. Splash water on the wall, if the wall becomes wet, between pouring water down the glass and being sucked in the sponge.
4. PH value is neutral. Use PH test paper and present it as neutral.
5. Clean surface and consistent color.
6. Smooth. About smooth, different wallpaper products have different requirements, but need to meet all kinds of wallpaper requirements.
7. Dry. Generally speaking, the moisture content of wooden board should not exceed 8%, and the moisture content of wall should not exceed 12%.