Rubber  in Porto Velho Brazil  EPDM Roofing Waterproofing Roll

Self adhesive EPDM watertight membrane is produced from ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), adding into some chemical auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liaries, for illustration, carbon black, nanophase modifier, plasticizer, vulcanization accelerator and other folks, the surface coated with polyethylene film, aluminum foil or fantastic sand, the base coated with a EPT paper protection kind of EPT fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble watertight membrane. The item has a good EPT and bending house, it easy to pave. it is a single of the most exceptional substantial elastic water-resistant membrane with exceptional overall performance elasticity.

Thickness(mm): 1., one.2, one.5, one.8, 2.
Allowable deviation(%): -ten to +15
Width(mm): a thousand, 1200

EPDM water-resistant roll specification:
No. Things Technical Indicators
1 Tensile Toughness (MPa) ge7.5
two Breaking EEPTation ge450%
three Tear Strength kN/m ge25
four EPTermeability, .3Mpa, 30 minutes No leaking
five Low Temperature FleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility le-40 ordmC
six Thermal Balance (mm) Lengthen le2mm
Shrink le4mm
seven Hot Air Ageing (eighty ordmC times168h) Tensile Retention ge80%
Breaking EEPTation Retention ge70%
eight Alkali Resistance, Saturated Ca(OH)2 Solution, 23 ordmC times168h Tensile Retention ge80%
Breaking EEPTation Retention ge80%
nine Ozone Getting older(40 ordmC times168h) EEPTation forty%, 500pphm No crack
ten Artificial Weathering Aging Tensile Retention ge80%
Breaking EEPTation Retention ge70%
11 Bonding Peel Strength (Sheet and Sheet) N/mm (StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd Test Circumstances) ge1.five
Soaking Retention Fee(23 ordmC times168h) ge70%
Adhesive house: The offset and stripping duration from the foundation line is considerably less than 5mm, there is no harmful deviation and abnormal position.

one) Good getting older resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, provider daily life up to fifty several years.
2) Superb functionality to high and lower temperature (-forty ordmC ~ +one hundred ordmC), EPTresistant and anti-corrosion.
3) Larger tensile toughness and better extensibility, it can much better fulfill the wants of enlargement or cracking of the base layer.
4) Straightforward set up, reliable joint, and no environmental air pollution.
5) LigEPT weigEPT and reduced roof load.

1) Roofs, basement, toilet, bridge, underground, tunnel and dam.
two) EPT and civil developing water-resistant.
three) Geo-artificial liner for swimming pool, channels, irrigation system
four) EEPTly for assignments with high needs in sturdiness, anti-corrosion and deformation.

Building Method:
one). Ensure all surface are thoroughly clean,dry and dust-free of charge. Remove any loose particles and any rust with a wire brush amp gentle broom.
two).Roll out the membrane.
three).Eliminate the backing paper and area the adhesive facet to the beforehand prepared floor.
4).To make sure a tigEPT make contact with-smooth the EPT down with a dry cloth, remocing all the air bubbles
5).Press the EPT to the area firmly after in place.
six).Easy flat all edages with a wallpaper roller or trowel.
7).Right after use reseal pack and store uprigEPT in great,dry problem.

Storage and Transportation:
one) Water-proof resources need to be saved unEPTdry and ventilated circumstances.
two) Various varieties of membranes have to be piled independently.
three) UnEPTusual problem, storage period of time is a single year given that creation day.
4) Water-resistant supplies should be set vertically throughout transportation.
five) It ought to be held away from sunshine and rainwater.
six) Transportation and storage process must be absent from the fire resource, storage temperature does not exceed 35 ordmC, the storage period of time is 1 yr.

Rubber  in Porto Velho Brazil  EPDM Roofing Waterproofing Roll

Rubber  in Porto Velho Brazil  EPDM Roofing Waterproofing Roll