Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide, TiO2 Manufacturer

Rutile Grade EPTium DioXiHu (West Lake), TiO2 Producer

Item Title: EPTium DioXiHu (West Lake) Anatase / Rutile grade
Method: TiO2
Molecular Weight: 79.ninety
Description: White powder

Technical specs:

Product Rutile Anatase
TiO2 material %, ge 94 ninety eight
105 degC Unstable Make a difference %, le .3 .5
H2o Solubles %, le .2 .five
Residue on Sieve(.045mm sieve pore) %,, le .one .1
Rutile content material %, ge 98
Tinter decreasing EPT,
when compared with stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd samples %, ge
100 one hundred
PH-Value of aqueous suspension 6.5-8. six.5-eight.
Oil absorption,g/100g, le 19 26

Utilization : Widely utilised in Plastic and rubber, paint, coatings, printing ink, glass, leather-based, cosmetics, soaps, and paper creating and so forth.

In plastic baggage repacked in PP woven bags or Paper bag of 25kgs internet internet every.The deal of other sorts and specs can be provided as per the client’s requests.

Storage and Transportation:
Be saved in the great and properly ventilated spot,keeping away from to be saved and transported with the acids and oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dant with each other, If custormers have EPT demands,get-togethers will negotiate to remedy it.

Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide, TiO2 Manufacturer

Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide, TiO2 Manufacturer