1. Selling modern minimalist style to the fashionable urban people who have this way of life is more concerned with the indoor and outdoor communication, that is, the feeling of integration with the whole city. They like fast-paced lifestyles, mostly pragmatists, and care about product design. Simple and stylistic modern simplicity is more in line with their taste.

2. Sell the tranquil pastoral style to people who enjoy life. People who like European pastoral style are more concerned with the essence of life and pursue romantic artistic conception. Like the beauty and practicality of the product itself. They like to spend their weekends at home enjoying leisure and having a kind of Zhang Chi. People of this kind of lifestyle care more about the quality of life than their individuality.

3. Sell the new Chinese style to the traditional and relatively mature people who like the Chinese way of life most of them are more mature and stable and have a successful career. This kind of people care more about people’s behavior, square and good strategy. Their lives are often simple, but by no means ordinary. Like calligraphy and painting and green plants, in life very attention to conduct and human way. It’s hard for modern young people to understand this kind of life because it’s what they see as a more rigid way of life.

4.The style of professional manager is more successful and has western aristocratic thought, it is the pursuit of social status and value. In the sense of majesty and overbearing, there is a sense of respect in it.

5. Selling Mediterranean style to free people is the simple and pure feeling of this style of wall-cloth, too. Customers who like this style care more about the variety of their hearts, even if they are not at the seaside, they will stand in the window. There seems to be a sea breeze on the face.

6. Selling Southeast Asian style to passionate and individual people Southeast Asian style gives people the feeling of tropical enthusiasm, will make people feel integrated with nature. Most of these people enjoy a free life, prefer travel, and put back tourist souvenirs at home.

7. People who sell urban styles to very maverick people are more concerned about others’ views. But there are more personal ideas, independent personality and focus on fashion. People who like to decorate their homes into LOFT style are particularly fond of this style, such people like to mix up, like according to their own ideas layout space, also prefer to use abstract lines and patterns to show their differences.