Super Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Powder

Tremendous Fantastic Aluminum HydroXiHu (West Lake) Powder

one.Specialized Index

Solution Name Aluminum HydroXiHu (West Lake)
Synonym Alumina Trihydrate / ATH
Topic AH-1 AH-five AH-8 AH-10H AH-10L AH-15 AH-25
AL(OH)3 % ge99.5 ge99.5 ge99.five ge99.five ge99.five ge99.five ge99.five
SiO2 % le0.03 le0.03 le0.02 le0.03 le0.03 le0.05 le0.03
FetwoOthree % le0.02 le0.03 le0.02 le0.02 le0.03 le0.03 le0.03
Na2O % le0.35 le0.forty le0.40 le0.40 le0.forty le0.forty le0.35
L.O.I % 34.five plusmn0.five 34.5 plusmn0.five 34.five plusmn0.5 34.5 plusmn0.5 34.5 plusmn0.5 34.five plusmn0.five 34.5 plusmn0.5
Humidity % le0.30 le0.thirty le0.30 le0.30 le0.35 le0.35 le0.thirty
Particle Dimension Dfifty ( mum) 1.five ~ 2 four ~ 6 seven ~ 9 ten ~ twelve ten ~ 13 13 ~ 17 23 ~ 27
Whiteness % ge96 ge96 ge95 ge95 ninety~ninety two ge89 94~ninety six
Oil Absorption (ml/100g) le40 le40 le35 le35 le35 le32 le30
Item Variety Precipitated Fantastic ATH (Precipitated Source) Fine Ground ATH (Mined Source)

Remarks: activated modification according to customer requirements!

two.Synonyms of Aluminium HydroXiHu (West Lake)

Hydrate Alumina Alumina Trihydrate
Aluminium Trihydrate Aluminum HydroXiHu (West Lake)


A uncooked content in the creation of Aluminium chemical substances
A uncooked content in the manufacture of glass and glazes
A flame retardant additive in expoxy resin system
A flame retardant and smoke suppressant filler in plastics (for instance: BMC/DMC/SMC and carpet backing)
A flame retardant and smoke suppressant filler in cable compound,rubber items
A poXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) and cleansing agent
A filler of cast polymer products this sort of as onyx and sound surfaces

four.Deal, transportation and storage

Deal: inner plastic with knitted exterior covered with movie, with the net weigEPT of 25kg.
Transportation: the solution is not dangerous products, which should be guarded from damp, rainfall and bundle hurt in transportation.
Storage: at dry warehouse with excellent air flow.

Super Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Powder

Super Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Powder