A lot of customers are choosing wallpaper when, show agonising, among them, the problem that worries most is — outdated!

In order to prevent your wall cloth from going out of fashion, today, we will take a look at the classic elements of wall cloth. With them, your wall cloth will never be out of time!

Element 1, low-key costly

The noble family spirit is one of the popular themes, but the concept of noble spirit is no longer the brilliant publicity of the golden and blue, but the elegant and low-key introversion and the luxury of low profile, which increases the sense of elegance and reveals a low-key and gentle life attitude.

Element 2: metal texture

Gold, silver, copper, iron and other metal colors are fully used in color. The application of metal particles, shadow and high light makes people see a bright light. Cool color, texture texture, geometric elements, appropriate proportions make the space full of passion and avant-garde feeling.

Element 3. Hand-painted wallpaper

Hand-painted wallpaper has been the main character of these two years, and the theme is generally the natural scenery, revealing the feeling of being close to nature. Now, hand-painted wallpaper will be a natural theme of life, adding a certain sense of story and art. If cooperate on the mapping that shoots the lamp light, become the leading role of the space undoubtedly.

Element 4, continue the enchanting of flowers

As a female representative, flowers are feminine and charming. The wallpaper of flower design still is mainstream in the next few years. Compared with the wallpaper of the past or dark or bright flower patterns, individual flower patterns are more attractive and elegant. Can create a unique art space atmosphere.

Element 5, eastern element

Only the national is the world, the Oriental style elements are more and more popular. Dignified color, the design of the ancient flowing fragrance, the age of the liner bluster.

Element 6: minimalism

Contracted creed emphasizes concise, practical, never procrastinate water. Tonal with black, white, gray, red wait for give priority to, linear, curve is clean and agile fall, tie-in design concise furniture lets a space more show individual character charm.

Element 7: personality and comfort

Personality is the proposition of more and more people in today’s life. The mutability of wallpaper and the diversification that use, the door that opened convenient for individuation decorates a demand, the shop that can be installed in a large area already, can local Mosaic is used again, brought unprecedented feeling to people on the vision, touch.

Element 8: youth and romance

The wallpaper of beautiful, pure and fresh colour, spread in every corner of the bedroom, accord with contemporary people pursuit young, romantic life concept. And warm, gentle and beautiful tonal, more outstanding ground reflects the connotation of “young and romantic”, pink, cream-colored, curry color, bordeaux red wine color, maize color, or shallow blue, weak green, and sky, ocean, flower, beach tonal likeness, create an infinite romance and young bedroom.

Element 9: return to nature

People who spend their days shuttling between reinforced concrete, noise and waste gases hope to have a harbor that will return to nature and embrace nature. The attune of gentle beauty, warm tactility, natural material is qualitative for the bedroom creation gives romantic nature creed fundamental key, make you ‘the body is in downtown, the home is like rural’ the wish comes true!