Wallpaper, like other decorative materials, is developing and changing with the development of world economy and culture. A lot of in the home are using wallpaper to decorate a room now, often the effect is very ideal, the room that calls oneself makes advocate, want what kind of style wallpaper to stick OK.

Build beautiful household effect, besides good soft outfit is tie-in outside, the choice that chooses shop sticks the wallpaper of vivid also becomes the choice of a lot of people, different wallpaper decorates can let household more vivid and interesting. There is no doubt about the diversity of wallpaper, you can choose your favorite style to cover the wallpaper and create a different room. Small make up today recommend a few special good wallpaper, come together to appreciate!

Creative and simple wallpaper

The windmill that moves with the wind often lets a person have a kind of extremely move to return static illusion, affix on the wall of your bedroom a few typhoon car, look up every day this is full of poetic windmill, the mood also can be very cheerful.

This simple windmill wallpaper is very creative. Windmill yearns for the young of us in childhood. When we grow up, it is hard for us to get a moment of relaxation in the busy work.

Individual TV background wall paper

The wall behind the TV in your home I think a lot of people will ignore it, there is no use in it why don’t we make good use of it and put a creative and beautiful wallpaper on it.

This is full of life color wallpaper, very suitable to paste in the living room, as soon as you enter the door you can see it clearly, giving a different visual experience. This wallpaper does not need to be so troublesome to piece together, a whole mural will look more three-dimensional.

Creative wallpaper for the background wall

It is the dream of many people to own a house by the sea. Because in the boundless sea silver sand, return to nature, pursue the absolute height of life. The vast native shore is as blue as a painting that never fades.

Don’t worry if you can’t go to the beach and this creative wallpaper meets your needs. This wallpaper is so realistic that you get the perfect feel of being on the beach!

Simple marble tile wallpaper

The marble looks very beautiful and conspicuous visually. It is perfect to put this wallpaper shop in your living room. The marble texture is very eye-catching.

Color is pure, simple sense is very exquisite, Europe type and contemporary perfect collision, make the effect achieves optimal state.

Can remove self-adhesive creative wallpaper

Good as water, water in all things without struggle, water in the position and do not cry. Terrain kun, the gentleman with a thick virtue, a thick virtue carrying, magnanimous tolerance.

Such a mural that has artistic conception very much is hanged in the home is a kind of character, a kind of attitude, a kind of style, a kind of accomplishment, a kind of bosom. Pass down Chinese culture style, it is the perfect combination that Chinese style home installs adorn article, all show free from vulgarity atmosphere. The friend comes to the home to be a guest to see such mural also can be full of praise.

Personalized stereo character wallpaper

Concise and practical is the biggest characteristic of this wallpaper, it comes to reflect modelling with simple line, the color of black and white is poor appear very mature, savour is reflected on detail hold, each letter appears very harmonious between each other, satisfy you to dimensional environment that kind of perceptual, instinctive and rational demand.

The house decorates is not to say money spends much on certain meeting class, certain meeting gives a person comfortable feeling and the talent that only aesthetic feeling calculates class.

3D poster

In life we are so busy with our work that we are often exhausted.

So put some very interesting creative mural on the shop in the home, this often can alleviate the exhaustion in our job, relax oneself body.

And these creative mural also can let the child in the home have intense exploration desire, this has very great help to develop children intelligence.