In order to improve the quality and environment of home, more and more people choose to stick wallpaper. Especially many “handy” babies, more willing to do their own hands. Today, small make up for everybody introduction, when oneself start work, how does the wallpaper stick?

Remove the wall cover:
Get rid of the original coating and other objects on the metope, use gypsum powder to add to the cracked parts of the metope, and apply the bandage after leveling; If the sand and grey walls, partition walls, but also paste glass cloth or cloth netting; Some of the poor quality partitions or external walls to reach the insulation effect, need to be full of nail plasterboard.

Cut-out wallpaper:
Measure metope height first, clip wallpaper length again, have two kinds of circumstance: do not add cut 5 to 8 centimeters by metope height according to metope height left and right sides length, use as up and down repair edge: pair of beautiful wallpaper needs to consider the symmetry of design, reason clip length should increase according to actual circumstance, can lengthen 8 to 10 centimeters commonly.

Brush adhesive:
Use liquid wallpaper glue coating on the back of cutting good wallpaper brush, pay special attention to the full glue around the edge to liquid, in order to ensure the construction quality, pasted wall paper and glue in the face of folding place 5-10 minutes (attention, nor the external force, in order to avoid wallpaper in crease, especially it’s ok cloth) completely through the glue liquid into the bottom of the paper can be posted, besmear brushs number of wallpapers, every time and in order to post.

Wallpaper construction:
It is to be in commonly door edge or shade Angle from go down to paste first wallpaper, with scraper from go up to go down, by introversion outside, blow flat wall paper gently, extrude bubble and superfluous glue liquid, make wall paper is even close to metope.

Turn off the power before putting up wallpaper:
When sticking wallpaper, if encounter the place that has power switch or socket on metope, can turn off total power supply first, cover wall paper next all power source and socket, cut two diagonal line from center of gravity point, can show 4 small triangle, reoccupy art knife will all round redundant wallpaper is removed.

Trimming and cleaning:
Cut off the extra wallpaper at both ends of the upper and lower ends, and make the blade sharp to avoid rough edges. When cutting some wall cloth, it is best to use the blade imported from Japan, which costs 1.5 yuan in the market. Dip in water with sponge to wipe the glue liquid that remains on the wall paper surface completely clean, lest wall paper becomes yellow, after wall paper is dry, if discover a bubble on the surface, cut open with the knife infuse glue liquid again press flat can eliminate (with needle tube better).

According to the above steps, the construction of beautiful wallpaper is basically completed!

But all say, the effect of wallpaper, three see wallpaper, seven see the master, in order to let your beautiful wallpaper show the most beautiful effect, had better ask professional construction master to stick!