Household color is very important, tie-in good meeting makes whole household space has quality feeling very much, tie-in bad can appear very low, also can let a person produce boring psychology. Here are nine classic color laws, worth a look!

1.the space matches color to must not exceed 3 kinds, black, white does not calculate inside. In fact, fashion color matching is the same, better not more than three.

2.Gold and silver can be matched with any other color, but gold does not contain yellow and silver does not contain gray.

3.if do not have stylist’s guidance, domestic match color can follow “wall is shallow, the ground is medium, domestic illicit is deep” principle, namely the color of the wall is the shallowest, the color of the floor is darker than wall, the color of furniture is deepest, the feeling can have administrative levels very much, very harmonious.

4. Do not use warm colors in the kitchen, except yellow.

5. floor tile does not choose dark green, this is a kind of tie-in contraindication, do not say with other furniture hard collocation, still affect a person’s mood very much.

6.Do not put different materials but the same color system together.

7. If you want to create a bright and modern home style, do not choose those with large flowers and flowers (except plants), and try to use a plain color design.

8.The color of the ceiling must be lighter than or with metope same color, metope color is deep, the ceiling must choose light color.

9. If the space runs through, the same color scheme shall be used; Different color schemes can be used for different enclosed Spaces.