Everyone knows that color has a big effect on one’s mood. In fact, in addition to affecting people’s emotions, color can largely affect people’s health.
In clinical practice, scholars have also conducted research on color treatment, and the effect is very good. Patients with hypertension wear smoke glasses can reduce blood pressure; Red and blue increase blood circulation; If the patient lives in the room with white, light blue, light green, light yellow wall, the mood is very stable, comfortable, conduce to healthy recovery.
This shows that color can not only affect people’s emotions, but also affect people’s health. Studies show that many mental illnesses and physical discomfort, which require long-term treatment or even medical treatment, can be improved by being exposed to certain colors for a long time. And wallpaper, the simplest way that realizes this kind of color environment.
Red wallpaper stimulates and excites the nervous system, increasing adrenalin production and increasing blood circulation. But too much exposure to red can produce anxiety, making it easier for people who are prone to fatigue to feel spermatic. So, should avoid to use overmuch red in bedroom or study.
Orange wallpaper produces vigor, induce appetite, conduce to the absorption of calcium, be helpful for restoring and maintain healthy, this color is applicable to the place such as room of recreation, kitchen.
Yellow wallpaper is active thinking, but the adornment of golden color causes easily unstable mood and arbitrary behavior, so bedroom and activity place, balcony avoid to use golden color furniture, the wall paper of affix golden yellow.
Green wallpaper is good for digestion, promotes balance, and has a calming effect on active or depressed people. Natural green has a therapeutic effect on syncope, fatigue and negative emotions.
Blue wallpaper can reduce pulse beat frequency, adjust body balance. Use blue in the bedroom, can eliminate tension, help alleviate headache, fever, syncope insomnia.
The purple wallpaper has a depressive effect on the motor nerve and heart system, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, has the feeling of promoting quietness, stimulating love and caring for others.
The indigo
The indigo-blue wallpaper can tone the muscles, reduce or stop bleeding, affect vision, hearing and smell, and reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain.
Home is the longest space in our daily life, and home environment affects our health to a great extent. Through wallpaper color, can adjust household atmosphere, improve household environment.
What do you want your home environment to look like? Hurry to your home “correct medicine”!