Wallpaper is one of the popular decorative materials at present, because it is easier to grasp the style shaping. By using wallpaper, different decorative styles and effects are created, which can become the biggest weapon to save budget and build the atmosphere of home.

Simple a stick, let your home, want low – key all difficult.

Collocation method 1:
Cultural stone wallpaper saves money
When decorating, a lot of styles need to use a few specific materials, like Loft or country style, quite common is the application of cultural brick, but when the budget is limited, might as well replace with wallpaper, complete the style to shape and reduce a lot of expenditure at the same time.

If you are afraid of long working hours and dirty cleaning, pure white cultural tiles wallpaper is the first choice for fast style building!

As long as you use a red brick wallpaper, you can achieve the indispensable classic presentation.

Collocation method 2:
Floral wallpaper creates natural Spaces
Hand-painted wallpapers are extremely popular these days, especially for complex fabric wallpapers. The wallpaper of a plant design, as if moved nature home, let concentrated atmosphere more pure and fresh nature. Become numerous literary and artistic woman choice, have individual character to return high, exert show individual character.

Collocation 3:
A wallpaper enhances space
When building the style in the home, when promoting the texture of the home, add a wall paper can assist to integrate all elements, contain furniture, sheet to be decorated with software, more become the focus that makes a person eye is one bright!

In the bedroom bedside wall with a large map output wallpaper to present the appearance of the old world map, complete paint can not achieve the delicacy, let the space be full of museum-like exploration atmosphere.

One side is the simple elegant stripe wallpaper that contains color of pink tender, concatenate wooden louver, tall back single chair and snake form table foot to wait for an element, create French country unique romantic breath.

Collocation 4:
The wallpaper completes the color scheme
Only love a kind of color, and afraid of the space filled with a single color will lead to visual clutter and oppression, texture low? As long as the appropriate mastery of proportion and tone, can create a unique spatial expression!

If want to use a large number of duplicate design, the proposal chooses light pink to regard as principal axis, and tie-in tonal and light gauze shade, can create relaxed and free pressing space.

Collocation skill 5:
Mix build material rich space level
Don’t want to be limited to any one style or hue? Might as well use the wall paper with bright color, collocation is the element with same quality to pledge however, create distinctive administrative levels feeling.

In blue space, since the ornament of stripe wallpaper of differ depth falls, have administrative levels more.

Collocation 6:
Wallpaper for wall cloth texture upgrade
Wall cloth is a kind of wallpaper, but because surface material is qualitative material is silk, cloth to wait, sound-absorbing effect and temperature adjust with durable sex are better than wallpaper, accordingly price is relatively taller also, can present more meticulous exquisite simple sense.