Home decoration pasted wallpaper, high-end class. As a necessary accessory, wallpaper adhesive is a factor to be considered whether it is sticky or environmentally friendly. At present, sticky rice glue has become the first choice for wallpaper.

Good environmental performance
The glutinous rice glue selects natural glutinous rice starch as the raw material. In the production process, it often does not need to add other viscosifying materials, which is more environmentally friendly than other wallpaper glue. As an environmental protection product, glutinous rice glue can meet the highest environmental protection standard in the European Union.
Better stickiness
The viscosity of glutinous rice glue is 450 thousand times that of water, the adhesive with high viscosity, can effectively avoid the appearance of warping edge, bubbling and other repair phenomenon in the later stage when pasting wallpaper.
Weak acid is neutral
The PH value of glutinous rice glue is neutral, widely applicable to all kinds of wallpaper materials. Domestic walls are generally alkaline. If not treated when wallpaper is pasted, the phenomenon of “burning paper” will appear. Weak acidity will make a mid-blending of alkalinity, which highlights the advantages of glutinous rice glue.
Extend wallpaper life
Good adhesive can extend wallpaper life. Good initial adhesion of glutinous rice glue makes the glue lose water faster, stick the wall and wallpaper better and faster, prevent the edge warping and falling off, so as to extend the wallpaper life.

V. wide application range
Different wallpaper has different requirements for glue. Glutinous rice glue is widely used for wallpaper because of its high viscosity, neutral and other advantages. The selection of sticky rice glue on wallpaper will prevent the selection of wrong glue.