We often say that the world is not lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes to discover beauty. When you work hard to paste the wallpaper, but find that the joint will be black or shiny phenomenon, so even if the wallpaper is beautiful, it will be damaged this aesthetic feeling. So we want to avoid this kind of phenomenon as far as possible in the process that decorate, and want to avoid this kind of phenomenon, we want to begin from its source above all.

The cause of blackness at the seams
1. There are metal components on the wall paper surface. If the combination of rubber powder and glue is used, the overflow of glue at the joint will cause replacement reaction, resulting in black at the wall paper joint.

2. During the construction of wallpaper, glue overflowed, and the dust on the glue formed black mortar. This can be erased by a rubber.

3. Before the wallpaper construction, no attention was paid to protect the wallpaper, resulting in the dust pollution at the edge of the wallpaper. When the wallpaper is mixed with glue, the black at the joints will be more obvious. This can also be wiped with an eraser, but is a little harder to handle than the case at point 2.

The reason why the joints shine
1. If the glue overflows, it is not cleaned in time. When the glue dries, it will turn white and shine in the light. In the construction process, do not overflow glue, especially the wallpaper such as silk, yarn, and so on, absolutely cannot overflow glue.

2. After the wallpaper is affixed, construction personnel habitually wipe the seams, while the towel or sponge that is rubbed with glue will contaminate the joint of the wallpaper surface, making the glue dry and white. Erasure is a bad habit and should be avoided during construction.

3. During the construction process, excessive use of the scraping board resulted in the scratch or furring of the wall paper surface. Different reflective surfaces appeared, and the luminescence would appear under the light.

Attention to construction
1) understand wallpaper materials
According to the wallpaper characteristics of different construction methods will also be different. Pure paper wallpaper takes the way of paper gluing, and should be compressed glue; Non-woven wallpaper should wipe water on the back of the paper, taking the way of glue on the wall; The common adhesive surface wallpaper adopts paper gluing method, which can be compressed for 5-8 minutes to ensure that the wallpaper base can fully absorb glue.

2) try not to spill rubber
When brush gum, try not to spill gum. Pay attention to the thick glue thin coating, joint where the wallpaper glue overflow, to remove in time.

3) protect the wallpaper
Before wallpaper construction, pay attention to keep the wallpaper clean and tidy, do not stick on the dust.

Conclusion: grasp the reason why the wallpaper seam is black and shiny, so that we can better solve it, and add a better life to our daily life!